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Classes & Pricing


Our fully-certified instructors are here to give you key tools — and the motivation — to successfully realize your fitness goals. 

Our wide variety of classes are designed with you in mind.

Whether it’s your first time or 100th visit — at RISE, we work as a team, in a no-judgement zone. We set goals to meet, and then RISE above those expectations.


Rise to Power Ride

How about a little bit of both rhythm and power in one class?  Can't decide what you like better?  Perfect, this class is for you!  You have the power meters to track your results and can still enjoy a little dance party on the bike.  You will get hills, sprints, pushups, tap-backs, and so much more.  Life is all about balance and this ride might be just the thing you need to start your day off right!

Power Spin

During this 45 minute ride, you will be guided through hills, sprints, jumps, and flat roads with a focus on the power meters.  Our instructors will take you on a biking experience while tracking your results on the meters.  You can see the power and strength as you grow as a rider over time.  The progress will amaze you... even though we knew you could do it all along!

Rise to Power Ride & Abs

This is a full 60min class. Looking for a good 45 min ride followed by 15 min of abs and stretch? This class is for you! Focusing on the body's core this class will improve abdominal and back strength, stamina and flexibility as well as improve balance and posture.

Rise and Grind-

Half Power Ride

Real hills, sprints, and jumps just like an outdoor ride followed by floor conditioning. Class is split in half to get the best of both worlds. Get ready for the big adventure.

Rise Boot Camp

This is a full body workout that combines cardio to increase the heart rate and resistance training to sculpt the body. TRX, bands, weights, slam balls, etc. will be included.

HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training

Intervals of all-out bursts of strength and cardio moves followed by rest periods for a total body burn.


We start each class with a little bit of sass and a little bit of dance.  Then we continue to strengthen and tone arms and legs.  We then finish with a killer core workout leaving you feeling like your favorite DIVA. #Imarisediva. (NO dance experience required).

Spin & Sculpt

In this class, you'll start on the bike for a power ride and end on the floor with a full body workout to sculpt those muscles.  Expect to use all types of equipment available.

Power Yoga

Power yoga is a dynamic, flowing practice combining strength, flexibility, and endurance.  This class will tone and work your entire body.

Spin Yasa

A powerful blend of spin and an engaging flow of Vinyasa yoga.  This class is taught by 2 different instructors.

Ball Core

We use stability balls for every exercise in this class for a full-body workout.

Power Pilates

A full-body workout aimed at balancing out all muscle group's strength and flexibility with an emphasis on challenging the core.  We will work with resistance bands, stability balls, weights, etc.

Our Address:

Rise Fitness Studio

97 Main Street

(across from Hamburg Village Hall)

Hamburg, NY 14075

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